Robotic soldiers are real !? Shooting robot ! Check latest Bosstown Dynamics

Boossown Dynamic’s Atlas humanoid robot hit again on YouTube, after being trained to compete with athletes , in the video the robot is trained with guns and shotguns. The soldiers shooting robot is able to aiming to target in difficult situation using face recognition and RGBA camera sensors, avoiding shooting to humans.

The training continue the robot is prompt to aim to his buddy Spot Mini … Check “Atlas” reaction now!

Disclaimer: This is a fake video and it’s not related to Boston Dynamics ‘s Atlas robot


Comments in the video are exhilarating:

  • “I thought this was real until I realized it said Bosstown instead of Boston Dynamics” –

  • “When you see this thing carrying the dog down the street.” – Cryo_ Gen

  • “I love how at 1:50 he just T-Poses to assert dominance over the trainers.” – FrostySkől

  • “the CGI was almost convincing!” -Graham

Check the “Corridor” YouTube Channel

This is a computer graphics video and it’s not real … yet ! 

In the near future we could see humanoid robots used for military actions. We would like that technology and robotics to move away from military uses and instead help us to build a better world .

Want you think  of military uses of Robots? Answer here:

What you think of military uses of Robots?



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