Robots assistants to help passengers in the Istanbul’s new Airport

Istanbul’s Airport has a fleet of robots assistants! The airport is one of the biggest in the world, with more than thousand of flight per day and Million of passengers. What is the trick to manage so great number of people ? Who can help to navigate in the airport? The answer is simple : robots !

The Istanbul’s Airport robots helpers are about the size of a small child, they have a soft eggshell blue body, a digital faces with cartoonish round eyes and an ever-present smile that appears designed to put people at ease.

When the blue robot speak, the mouth light up and the eyes wink. Also two robotic arms are attached to hold objects and message signals. A touch screen attached to the robot’s chest allows customers to interact with the machine. The robot has a barcode reader to read flight ticket and show flight information.

“My capabilities include route showing, giving directions, inquiring about flight schedule and flight information status,” the robot says between videos of the machine assisting customers and spinning in circles. “I am looking forward to meeting new passengers at Istanbul Airport every day.”

One robot was spotted slacking off and conversate with the “cousin” Pepper Robot that was working in the airport’s cafe. Nice? !


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