Robots Magicians by “Mario The Maker Magician”

Mario the Maker Magician built some very special robots who can perform magic tricks and illusion, a new creations “Automabots” brings new ideas and innovation in the world of robotics and in the kids imagination

Robotic helpers

“Mario’s Suitcase”  is in truth a 12 remote-controlled servo-robot that can assemble itself or fall apart, “the monkey” routine is a robot  monkey and use over 16 servos! The small “Can Lamp”  are fantastic example of automation, a robotic arm that emit light and follow his nose!

The Cardboard Robot, is already a new rising ⭐ on social networks! a “Robot that perform magic trick with coins”

Marker and Magician 

Mario believes that everyone could be able to build any of his robots using an Arduino , cardboard, servo motors, wires, batteries and a lot of imagination!

“Virtual Magic Stage” Entertainment  

Mario also invented a “virtual magic stage” for kids , an interactive virtual experience, where he perform on  private Zoom event, livestreams for clients’ social media pages, or as custom video content. Check more in the link below!

Check Mario the Marker Magician channel on YouTube and his website

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