Rosie – the robot maid replica using ESP8266 and Arduino

Rosie is inspired to the famous cartoon  “the Jetsons” , the  maid robot using Arduino and ESP8266 hardware is a creation of  DJ Harrigan

While some of our technologies like drones, 3d printers and the rockets are well beyond what many would have ever imagined, many retro-futuristic inventions like flying cars and robotic maids, are still far in the distance.

the jetsons
the jetsons

We had already some commercial maid robots like Kuri, but nothing so easy to build and open-source so we want to imagine this build to be a first step in the future for maid robots.

The hardware

The robot is controlled via an ESP8266 dev board, via  WiFi communication . The device’s servos and LEDs for animatronic action and output audio are controlled by an additional Arduino MKR Zero. In addition to this, an Arduino MKR Zero board is implemented to output audio to an I2S amplifier and speaker. Effects are triggered over serial from the ESP8266 host.


Rosie can turn the head and lift the arms via actuated shoulders, its eyes that spin independently. The mouth has a mechanism that follows the voice from the speaker.  The creator also made a Rosie remote Blynk app for the user interface.

[Source Element14 Website]

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