ROYBI Robot – Educational Companion Toy for Preschool Learning

ROYBI Robot is a robot with a big eyes, and two buttons for your kids to play! This robot is interactive:  with its camera will detect when your kid is near and it will try to start a conversation, its purpose is to teach and play!



The robot require an internet connection to download the content of the lessons and for the speach-recognition functionality to work ( it can be set-up with the free mobile app) , it has a base where it can be recharged and it has an internal battery that can last till 8 hours!

The mobile app is available here on the Google Play Store

Scheduled lessons

It provides a 1-on-1  interactive activities  for children. The robot will polite remind your kid  “time for lesson!”.You can choose the time via app. Daily lessons contains  ABCs, biology, chemistry, geography, literature, mathematics, astronomy, and more.


An interesting functionality! the robot will provide a video streaming ( like a security camera) and two-way audio call from the app and the to speak with your kid.

Programs library

Hundreds of daily educational lessons, songs & stories to choose from for next scheduled lesson!


The status with the completation rate of the lessons




Is there a subscription fee?

Not at the moment. The 500 original English content and categories are included. Chinese programs require an additional in app purchase.

When are you adding more languages?

The estimated timeline is as follows: 2020 Mandarin, 2021 Spanish, 2022 Arabic and more. This timeline may change depending on resources and availability.

Can it be used for special needs children?

ROYBI Robot may be used as a supplementary device for kids with special needs such as speech delays or Autism. It cannot be replaced with therapy. ROYBI does not claim any medical diagnosis or improvement.

How many children can it support?

ROYBI Robot currently supports one child per device.

Is ROYBI Robot safe for children?

Your privacy is our #1 priority. We have put every possible effort to ensure compatibility with Children’s Privacy Policies. Also, we do not record videos. To turn on ROYBI Robot, you must either use your app or press a button


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