RS5 – 3D printed Raspberry Pi robot

RS5 3D printed robot is the result of precise balancing and computer vision based on RaspberryPI 3 .

The idea of Samuel Matos :

The idea for this robot is to have a platform to implement cool features, it has some potential that can be used to develop a really nice robot. I would like to make it available for other people, that would require some more time and money to develop it, make it more close to a product. I’m not sure if there are people interested in a robot that requires some advanced programming skills.

The robot components communicates via UART, using a Bluetooth . RaspberryPI 3 controls directly the the microcontroller that balance the robot depending on the task and the current orientation from the sensors.



  • Lines follows
  • Objects Tracking
  • Marker recognitions
  • Balancing
  • The robot’s head points to the current tracked object


  • Actuators / output devices: 2 servos, 2 Stepper Motors
  • Control method: autonomous, Bluetooth
  • CPU: Microchip PIC, Raspberry Pi ARM
  • Operating system: Linux(Raspbian)
  • Power source: Lipo 3S 2000 mAh
  • Programming language: C++, C
  • Sensors / input devices: HC-SR04, MMA7361 Accelerometer, Raspberry Pi camera module, Murata ENC-03 gyro
  • Target environment: indoor


We don’t have the files and the code for Rs5,  but the project is based on Remote Controller Self Balancing Arduino Robot – by jjrobots

We encourage to build your own remix and share with the opensource community !


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