Security Robots are precious allies

Security Robots are precious allies in the fight to criminality:  robotic units are used to patrolling cars parking, houses and shopping areas day and night 👮🤖


Security robot are proven to increase the perceptive security of the residents and lowering the crime levels though a “physical presence” effect.  Those robots are meant to be allies of police to detect anomalies in various environment.


  • Physical deterrent
  • Force multiplier effect
  • In-depth vision
  • Safe patrolling of dangerous areas
  • Licence plates recognition and logs
  • Cooperation for security purpose
  • GAS and CO2 danger level detection

K5 robots:

The goal of Knightscope is to design, build and deploy Autonomous Data Machines (ADMs), which are used to monitor crimes in malls, parking lots, and neighbourhoods. Knightscope’s founders state that they started the company to prevent future crimes.[wikipedia]


  • Face Recognition
  • 360 image recording
  • Microphones
  • Lidar Radar
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Thermal camera

During its autonomous patrol, if the K5 detects abnormal noise and temperature change, or known criminals, it will alert the guards. The robot has it’s own software package with which a user can respond to such alerts is called the Knightscope Security Operations Center.


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