Segway just launched AI autonomous robots

Segway-Ninebot just launched three AI autonomous robots, New scooters and delivery robots will autonomously navigate through the city using AI algorithms.


Segway Ninebot KickScooter T60

Similar to the previous model Loomo Robot , the T60 has the ability to pilot itself to riders and back to its charging station autonomously. Designed with a reverse trike chassis, the T60 also includes vision-based navigation technology. The T60 can be operated in two modes: guided piloting for short distances, and autonomous piloting for long distances.

Additional features include automatic dispatch, cloud service, and wireless charging, the company said.

Operators can remotely control and drive the kick scooters through the city remotely like a taxi:

“As a result, shared kick scooters can be dispatched intelligently in different time periods and areas to help shared business operators improve the turnaround frequency of products for lower operating costs and higher profitability,” – Segway Ninebot .


Segway DeliveryBot S2

S2 is an indoor delivery robot that can adapt to different indoor environment.

The S2 also has a navigation system integrated with a visual sensor,it can easily detect human feet and small movements in all directions, so that it can avoid accidents and obstacles.


Segway DeliveryBot X1

X1 is an outdoor auto-piloting robot that can provide delivery service between buildings. The robot has a capacity of 350L and can delivery packages in rainy day ( it is water resistant).


Delivery Dates

KickScooter T60 will be given to selected customers for customized testing starting on Sept. 1, 2019, with mass production scheduled for Q1 2021. The DeliveryBot S2 will begin trials with selected customers in October 2019, with mass production scheduled for Q1 2020. The DeliveryBot X1 will begin trials with select customers in January 2020.


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