SmallKat robotic cat based on ESP32

Smallkat is a robotic cat based on ESp32 and inspired to Nybble and OpenCat . designed as a robotic project platform to test different gaits and sensors.

It’s interesting that SmallKat uses inverse kinematics and trajectories projection using the IMU sensor. Hovever the ESp32 processor used is not fast enough to process the kinematic model and it’s necessary to send the data to a nearby Raspberry Pi that act as processing server.

Kevin Harrington, creator of the project :

“The intention of the platform was to make a fully open source dynamics quadruped for the education/research and high-end toy markets. As result using hobby servos and common electronics the price point to remain low in comparison to its competitors.”

Video :

Part List:

  • 16 MG92b micro servos,
  • three switch mode BECs
  • a Bosch Sensortec BNO055 9-axis IMU
  • Turnigy 1000mAh battery
  • ESP32
  • 3D printed parts


The code can be found here on Smallkat Robotic Cat on GitHub

Marco Gallo

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