Smart Dog CHip Toy

The Smart Dog Chip robot it’s an interesting product of the WowWee Companies that has a long history in robots, toys and animatrons products.

The influence of the Aibo Sony Robotic Dog  continues even to this day and can be seen in WowWee’s charming and mostly effective CHiP robot dog.

CHiP has some native intelligence and even a little bit of personality. With its large round head and puppy-like body, CHiP also ticks off the cuteness checkbox. The ears and tail are flexible rubber and it has a nice touch and feeling!

CHiP has more mobility than you might think thanks to the wheels on its feet. Smart Dog Chip Toy  design lets the robot dog roll at high speed in virtually any direction. The wheel’s excellent on most surfaces and even helped my CHiP surmount low obstacles. CHiP is not an outdoor robot pet, though. I tried it on grass and CHiP’s cool wheels basically got stuck.

CHiP requires no set-up, which is good since the sheaf of instruction papers (a lot of them for different languages) fails to entirely explain how to play with Chip  Smart Dog Chip Toy and use its accessories (the band and ball).  There is also a free app that expands the functionalities of the robot dog.




  • It can speak and hear
  • you can really play throw and catch with it
  • it can be remote controlled
  • touch sensors and feedback


Designed for everyone eight-years-old and above, the mostly white (with silver-blue-accents), CHiP comes complete with a charging base, SmartBall and SmartBand.



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