Sota – Smart robot “presenter” from Japan

Sota will explain your presentation on your behalf!  Sota is a robot that looks similar to  Kirobot Robot and Alpha Mini but has a peculiar functionality : It can connect to your laptop and perform your PowerPoint presentations on your behalf using loving gestures,expression, sounds and body movements.

Multiple units can be controlled simultaneously

Up to 5 robots can be controlled simultaneously in one presentation. By using multiple Sotas, it is possible to produce effects like a talk session.

Easy operation

You can specify the animation of the robot by entering characters in the “notes” part of the presentation file as if writing a manuscript.
Furthermore, by inputting special commands, you can set the operations required for presentation, such as animation progress and motion control.


No programming required

The PC software for communicating with the presentation Sota requires no complicated settings and is easy to use. Select the presentation file to be executed, enter the IP address of the presentation Sota to be connected, and execute the presentation.


Usage scenarios

Sota robot is not limited to simply performing presentations, but also involves the interaction between humans and robots, front-desk , exhibitions, etc.



Size 280 (H) × 140 (W) × 160 (D) mm
Degree of freedom 8 degrees of freedom in total (1 trunk, 2 arms x 2, 3 necks)
weight About 800g
CPU Intel (R) Edison
Input and output Camera, speaker, LED (both eyes x 2, mouth x 1, power lamp x 1) Switch (power button x 1, volume button x 2)
interface WiFi, USB x 2, power connector
Power supply AC adapter (12V 4A)
Included items Instruction manual (with warranty), AC adapter


Social Capabilities

Sota is able to interact with people and other robots in a similar way to other social robots . The robot currently limited to Japan markets and Japanese language, the price is around 130.000 yen (1.090 euro).  Official website by producer company, VSTONE


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