Stevie robot companion for somebody living alone

Stevie robot companion is build with goal to help elder people that live alone. The robot is the Ireland’s first social assistant robot and its asset are an happy face, a soft body and two arms.

Stevie II is more interactive : move around the house, map the environment and dialogue trough an AI.

The robot can be switched to tele-assistant mode from the family members, to provide support or provide some company.

For functionalities, Stevie robot companion looks similar to TEMI.

It can sense what you saying and reply to you spontaneously, It will perform a call a care worker or a family member if the robot its in a situation that he can’t handle.

It reminds me of a nice short-movie called Tea Time:

A grand-mother replaces her old companion robot by a more recent one, with a lot of problems !


Time, with the magazine describing ‘Stevie’ as the robot that could change the elder care industry.

Stevie is mobile and uses cameras in addition to depth, tactile, inertial, and voltage sensors that allow him to interact intelligently with his environment. On-board processors and wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth diversify Stevie’s potential uses.

In addition to performing common functional tasks, Stevie can interact socially with residents.

“Through interaction with the robot, residents can control the TV stations, call a loved one, and control lights.”

Check TIME cover about Stevie on Twitter

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