Stretch robot – mixing different design for simplicity

Hello Robot introduce Stretch RE1, a mobile robot arm that weighs only 23 kg and costs less than $20,000. Founded by Aaron Edsinger ( Ex Google robotics director ) and  Charlie Kemp ( Georgia Tech professor).

Stretch robot - mixing different design for simplicity

Mix of different designs : 

Stretch RE1 move its arm in the horizontal plane with its arm and relies almost entirely on one sensor, an Intel RealSense D435i on a pan-tilt head that gives it a huge range of motion. The sensor serves as a navigation camera, manipulation camera, a 3D mapping system, and more.

Also it incorporate several design ideas :

the result is a robot that’s small, lightweight, capable, and affordable, all at the same time.

Software Features

  • Remote controlling via human operator
  • Autonomous mode
  • Object recognition
  • Object grasping and carrying
  • Mapping mode and navigation

Aaron Edsinger says that Stretch robot is designed to work with people in homes and workplaces and can be teleoperated to do a variety of tasks, including picking up toys, removing laundry from a dryer, and playing games with kids.


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