TeslaBot – humanoid robot by Testla

TeslaBot – an humanoid robot built by Testla could be real very soon. The CEO Elon Musk unveiled its plans to build an autonomus robot during a company event, while a person dressed as “TeslaBot” robot was entratain the audience with a dance.

Tesla car can already move autonomously, they are technically robot on wheels..  We’ll “probably have a prototype some time next year – Elon Musk



The bot is “intended to be friendly”, and will apparently eliminate “dangerous, repetitive, boring tasks”. It will be 5’8 and a slinky 125 lbs, and it has Tesla Autopilot’s system built into it, making use of “all the same tools we have in the car”.

iRobot stops being a movie and starts being a reality ? 🙂

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