The Biggest GUNDAM make its first MOVE (UPDATED)

The biggest robot in the world is a GUNDAM RX782  and it’s currently under construction in Yokohama ( Japan).  The idea is to create a 18 meter ( 60 ft ) tall moving robot , to celebrate the international “cultural & creativity ” success of Japan.


A dreamlike event for the anime fans, the robot is currently in construction in a “Dock Tower”.

First Steps

Tickets go on sale in July, but prices and other details, including the date of the event, and how exactly the robot will actuate its parts ( or walk) , have yet to be disclosed. Due to COVID-19 the event is currently postponed.

First Move ( UPDATE 22/09/2020)

After three month of testing, now the robot is able to move with impressive smooth movements :

A small note : It still require the base support to sustain its weight, we are not sure if it will be ever be used completely without the “balance” structure.

Building the “Hipe”

A limited-edition launching program that gives participants a special sneak peek at the facilities before opening. In addition to entering the venue early and enjoying the mood, participants can go up to the special observatory deck .

Other activities includes Gundam-LABROS-Enabled SimulatorCafeteria and Academy.

Internal Structure

The structure include x11 electric motors with a thick aluminium frame to attach the robot armor, and a central control area.

Will be possible to control RX782 using Arduino 🤣?


[Source : Gundam Factory ]

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