Retrospectives on the Kickstarter campaign of Vector Robot

Digital Dream Labs, a tech startup based in Pittsburgh, acquired the assets of the company Anki. Continue the support of Vector including Vector’s Cloud Server and phisical support process for the robot units.

The company want to create a community around Vector and Cozmo,  resume and begin selling the new re-branded products and start to offer warranties and repair centers for Vector in the near future. [source]


Warning: This article contains the author’s point of view and could not reflect the full reality of the facts.



A “KickStarter on a KickStarter”


A Kickstarter campaign announced on the previous Anki’s KickStarter. To the Anki’s users mailing list,  DDL made its debut on the ashes of the previous one  offering to their clients to pay a “premium” beta updates for Vector and “the escape pod” to keep their buddy alive.

Marketing Moves

Community Changes : several Facebook community groups , like Anki Vector Owners and Cozmo and Vector Support Group and more, were re-branded as DDL and taken over by the marketing team .


The Vector’s “Escape Pod”  case

escape_pod-star-wars is now for vector?

We need to mention that Vector’s “escape pod”, was not defined well, neither shown to the public yet but already in everyone heart . The escape pod will be required only in a scenario where the company was going “out of business”, 47$ smart move to not end belly up! 

To be technical, the Escape Pod , is announced as a software for pc and server that need to be configured in your private wifi network ( only for 2.4Ghz only, as Vector’s chip doesn’t support 5G wifi network, and never will for technical limitations)  dedicated to advanced users.  The idea is to partially mimic the current server configuration and functionality. I suspect it will be difficult to mimic the fully online capability of current speech recognition.. but a promise is a promise and let’s see!


  • Escape Pod

The Escape Pod  take Vector off of his external servers while still being able to function perfectly.

Future: the company announced a series of Vector Update : Cloud Enhancements free for all robots and a software update coming soon.


Conclusion :

Will help more care toward their users, with better information about what was offered during kickstarter and more communication from both sides.  The community is still heartbroken by the previous Anki’s collapse and I feel that cannot effort pulling the string longer.

PersonalRobots  We did our best to provide news and support to Vector and Cozmo while their fate was uncertain, We answered to hundred of comments in each article, reply to email of users for connection issues, app issues  and charging problems,  because we wanted to help. Our mission is to give news, support and a point of view on choosing a product.

The DigitalDreamLabs KickStarter campaign ended up in a great success with over $545,331  enough to make the Anki’s AWS Cloud server running for over 289 years 🙂.

Thanks for your Attention!


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