This Autonomous Robot AI Drone is built to Win

Today there is a new challenge : the fully Autonomous robot AI Drone, programmed to fly itself.

The pilots of the Drone Racing League have competed from 2019 to see which drones could bring them to victory.

The show is Artificial Intelligence Robotic Racing

When human pilots fly a racing drone, a radio link lets them see from the drone’s camera. With the RacerAI, all the thinking takes place on the drone itself — specifically on an Nvidia Xavier processor designed for autonomous vehicles.

AlphaPilot Innovation Challenge

The Autonomous robot AI Drone drone is designed to defeat the best human FPV drone pilot in the world. During the AIRR 2019, and will feature four AI vs. AI drone races during its first season. The last event will be a “AI Robot Drone vs Human Pilot” racing.


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Racing Calendar:



The new scenario of Artificial Intelligence  applied to the drones can help to create better navigation algorithms. A future when this robotic flying machine can collaborate to fulfil tasks .

Unmanned aerial vehicles only add value to the user if there are ways to process data quickly and without putting additional efforts into this process. Using AI we can achieve faster, the accurate, and the easier processing of information.


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