This cute robot aim to connect your family – Bocco Emo

Bocco Robot is a funny way to interact with your family members while you are away from home. The robot delivers messages to anyone in the house when near thanks to its motion sensor. Also it empathises to the context of the message , for example if you send an happy message or emoji it will dance and display warm colors.

The first version of this product was launched successful on KickStarter in 2015, “Emo” is an updated version shaped in into an adorable snowman with a new features added like the ability to express “emotions“.


The robot also connect to several “brick” IoT sensors that you can move around the house and control the status with the mobile App.


IoT Sensor list :

  • Humidity Sensor
  • Vibration Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Vocal Sensor
  • Keychain Sensor

Privacy friendly

Bocco Emo contains a microphone and speaker, but there’s no camera. It’s not a “home security device” but more of a simple and funny companion to keep track of when your children get home from school or to check if you locked your doors when you left the house.

More information on the Bocco Yukai Website


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