This is a robotic ‘heart’

The complexity of the human’s heart unfolded in a simplified robotic hybrid heart . We can’t deny that the “robot heart” shape is inspired to insects world, but its able to accomplish the task of pumping bloods and its simplier to build.


Biorobotic Hybrid Heart

The device build with a soft robotic matrix of artificial heart muscles. Artificial muscles mimics the pattern of the heart’s natural muscle fibers, in such a way that when the researchers remotely inflate the bubbles, they act together to squeeze and twist the inner heart, similar to the way a real, whole heart beats and pumps liquids.


Test for future uses

The researchers hope to use the bionic heart as a realistic environment to help designers test cardiac devices such as prosthetic heart valves.

“Regulatory testing of cardiac devices requires many fatigue tests and animal tests,” says Ellen Roche, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at MIT. “This device could realistically represent what happens in a real heart, to reduce the amount of animal testing or iterate the design more quickly.”

. “With further tissue engineering, we could potentially see the biorobotic hybrid heart be used as an artificial heart”  co-lead author Chris Nguyen at MGH


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