This is a great dancer – Marty the robot

Marty the robot is a creation by the Dr Sandy Enoch , he came up with the idea of an assembly robotic kit, inspired to the opensource Otto DIY  and BOB ,  while completing his PhD at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

The robot is fun to build , it has good step-to-step instructions and fun to code. It has a nice appearance and is nice to have sitting on the desk. Its movements  are particularly enjoyable, and a great dancer.

Advanced platform

Marty has more under the hood, it has functionality of more expensive research robots like motor force sensing and ROS compatibility. Those are a nice add-on that justify the higher price. It is technically a “real” robot with the cute appearance of a toy.


  • came as an assembly kit with instructions
  • can run on RaspberryPi
  • Wifi controlled
  • x9 force sensor motors
  • Programmable using Blocky, Scratch, Python or Javascript
  • Orientation sensors and gyroscope
  • Can be customised using 3D printed parts or adding more sensors

Marty the robot can have a wide range of users, from child of primary school who can learn how to build their first robot, to University/College students who want to experiment, customise and run their own software using this robot platform.

Find Marty the Robot here :

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