This robot carves pumpkins for Halloween πŸŽƒ

Ever get tired of carving your own pumpkins? Wish some sort of mechanical servant could do it for you? Here are few different ways to carve pumpkins using a robotic arm.

In Dave’s video we can see the robot arm producing some perfect Halloween pumpkins inspired to CupHead game, using the arm as milling router and a rotating drill, and later trying carving directly with a knife πŸŽƒ.

Β “Arm” Flexibility

Robotic arms technology is advancing rapidly : those robot can use different tools, memorize actions and repeatΒ  indefinitely with precision.Β  They are nowadays the core of the industrial manufacturing process, carving metal, 3d printing and welding.


Want to build your own?

Here is some suggested robotic arm starting kit :

Programmable kits :

More robotic arms projects: Robot chef arms for your kitchen and Bartenders robot arms

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