This robot do a crappy job – An Autonomous Dog Poop Robot

An Autonomous Dog Poop Robot : Beetl, it finds, detects, and automatically scoops up poop throughout your yard. It’s like a little Roomba that’ll clean up your yard, and is perfect for families with lots of dogs.

The robot uses image recognition to detect objects, is it’s battery powered, will auto-recharge on its base when it’s running low, and uses a tandem camera to create boundaries in your yard. Still is unclear if the robot can clean itself or need to be clean.

Features :

  • Cloud connected
  • Image recognition
  • Mechanical crane to collect objects
  • Navigation system
  • Safe to pet and human
  • Battery powered / Auto recharge



Check more in the official website or build your own using a  Lobot 4-1 Arm DIY Kit 🙂


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