This Robotic Extension can smash the walls

Supernumerary robotic arm is a robotic extension that enable humans to things that would be impossible : like having 3 prehensile arms, super strength or hold a beer while dancing!


Robotic Extension in real life:

Empowering the user:  lightweight robotic arms are attached via straps to the centre of the body. In the current implementation the robotic arm is remote controlled by an operator and uses hydraulic actuators for movement.

  • The current prototype weight 4.2kg,
  • the arms are relatively safe to use as they have a feedback mechanism that react to counter-forces.

Canadian Researcher, lead by Catherine Véronneau,  are working in partnership with Exonetik for developing lightweight wearable robots such as this concept.

The researchers suggest that adding some sensors could allow the arm to do things like pick vegetables next to the user, as well as do more collaborative tasks, like providing tool assistance.

It could act as a co-worker, either directly increasing productivity by performing the same task as the user in parallel.

types of interaction
types of interaction including: vegetables picking (a, b), painting a wall (c), washing a window (d), handing tools to a worker (e, f), and playing badminton (g).

[Source IEEE Spectrum]



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