This week robotic news : flying fish robot, space robots and health assistants

A flying fish robot that jumps out of the water! Will be health assistants will be part of our life? What happened with the Fyodor robot in the space? Let’s find out :)!

Mabu personal health assistant

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer announce a partnership Catalia Health, maker of Mabu robot.

Mabu is a home robot that coaches patients on sheduled medications drugs.  Mabu uses voice recognitions, face recognition to assess a user’s mood, record data, ask questions to understand symptoms, and provide helpful information. The robot also send information back to medical professionals such as the frequency of medication usage or questions the robot was unable to answer.

The robot purpose it’s to help providing better medications and assistance as the population age and require more manpower.

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Flying fish robot fly on both water and air

The Aerial Robotics Laboratory developed a floating robot that can shoot a jet of water out to propel itself through the air.  The robot is shaped like a little airplane and it’s able to glide in both elements.

Water and calcium-carbide powder mix together in a reaction chamber, creating acetylene gas that ignites, expands and pushes water out to propel the robot. It’s a powerful combination that allows the robot to glide in the air for up to 85 feet (26 meters).

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Fyodor Space Robot is back from Space

The Russian robot Fyodor F-850 concluded its test on the International Space Station (ISS). The robots had some impediments in the movements of the legs, It was able to boot up and interact with astronauts and complete its mission successfully.

The russian space agency Roscosmos is working already on the next model : a small, lighter and non-humanoid robot that will support astronauts during repairs.

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