This week’s robot news – acrobats , cheetah and tons of robot dogs!

Spot, a four-legged “dog”, is on patrol in a park in Singapore during a two week trial program. Designed by Boston Dynamics, Spot is equipped with cameras to estimate the number of park goers as well as broadcast messages to promote social distancing.

Did you know that Spot can be equipped with Robotic Arms ?

The Italian company Youbionic began working on its bionic prosthetic hand in 2014. been making improvements and updates to the original model, even coming out with a 3D printed double hand device for the augmented human. now, Youbionic has released last year its latest bionic product – the Youbionic One, a pair of artificial arms that can be purchased as an STL file and 3D printed at home.


spot robot dog with arms, youbionic one
spot robot dog with arms, youbionic one


Acrobatic Mini Robots

Hinamitetu Robots  : this handmade mini robotic athletes simulate the Olympics Games sports . the gymnast robot now capable of doing a somersault over a fixed bar then catching itself without falling. It should be clear here: this remarkable performance has not been achieved without pains. You have to suffer and persevere to reach perfection

Stanford Pupper

A new quadruped robot in the house! It’s a new open source project from the Stanford Robotics Student group,  a group of robotic hackers from Stanford University. This simple robotic quadruped looks pretty simple to build, but also looks like a great into to four-legged robots. Its agility is nothing less compared to bigger robots like A1 or Cheetah robot




Cheetah  Soft Robot

Inspired by the biomechanics of cheetahs, researchers have developed a new type of soft robots LEAP capable of moving more quickly than previous generations of soft robots on solid surfaces or in the water.


LEAP robots are approximately 7 centimeters long and weigh about 45 grams, according to the release. Prior to LEAP, the fastest soft bots could move up to 0.8 body lengths per second on flat, solid surfaces. LEAP bots can reach speeds of 2.7 body lengths per second — three times faster. LEAP bots can also run on inclines, and if a fin is attached, swim faster than previous soft bots.


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