Those robotic dogs are cute! Testing 9 new Mini Cheetah Robots

MIT’s Biomimetics Robotics took a pack of 9 “mini cheetah robots” out for a walk– and the result is an cute and impressive display of the current state of robotic technology advancement.

The robot is remote controlled, and is able to backflip, navigate in rough terrain and it’s similar to the Boston Dynamics’s Spot

Designed using common parts, it is a durable and relatively low cost. It can walk both right-side up, and upside down, and its most impressive ability is a backflip from a stand-still. It can also run at a speed of up to 5 miles per hour.

Looks Scary? A bit! Mini Cheetah Robot is one of our Top Scary Robots You can’t Miss!

The school’s students are having fun with the dog-sized robots with activities, hiding under piles of fall leaves, and playing soccer.

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