TICO – Tic -Tac-Toe Arduino Robot for kids!

TICO is a 3D-printed, Arduino-powered Tic-Tac-Toe robot , created by Alex Flom with the mission inspires kids to learn code, robotics, and electronics.

The robot’s design is open source and free on Thingiverse,  and everyone can build it using  a 3D printer and common components like servos and arduino ! The creator did a very good job documenting all the steps necessary and releasing the code for free in its website here : TICO by PlayRobotic

How TICO works?

Some of our readers may notice something and ask this question : How TICO detects where the human player is writing?

Infact the robot has no sensors or camera to know this information …and here is the clever idea that make TICO works : make TICO write for you! Via an infrared remote controller TICO will write the game cell for you and also enable the robot to “see” the board and make correct calculation on the game.

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