TOP TOYS for kids you can BUY on Amazon!

TOP TOYS on AMAZON for kids :  Great electronic pet toys that give a great value and fun for the price!  Those electronic toys for kids are the newest innovations from the Toy Faire 2019 and now finally available Amazon Stores with great discount!

Top Innovative – Owleez is a “flying” Baby Owl

This toy is normally a cute pet that you can play, hugs and cuddle. It has bright eyes with colours that shows its emotions and emits sounds and music. The special of this toy is that you will teach it how to fly : Once its ready it pop-up a pair of wings , similar to a drone, that incredibly will make him fly around your room! 

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Top Quality – JUNO Interactive Baby Elephant

This baby elephant in big soft size ! The toy comes straight out the box already assembled, all you need to do is fit 4 AA batteries.
Juno uses its noses to explore the surrounding, but also gives you cuddles and kisses once you pick it up,  and play with different toys!
It comes with a little peanut for it to eat and a little mouse for it to play with.

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TOP Entertaining – Rizmo is a mysterious evolving pet!

I never saw that coming! This pet is actually evolving : from a small fur animal to a full size adult pet ( similar to Furby in appearance) ! Rizmo is build by the japanese toy company Tomy — they built a  a “Rhythm Monster” that changes form the more kids play and sing. Rizmo comes in three main colors: Berry, Aqua and Snow — but the final form details and musical personality are a mystery reveal.

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