UV Robot is finally here help with Coronavirus

UV Robot : Researchers Proved that UV light can kill flu viruses without harming humans. This disinfecting robot  is able to kill flu viruses like COVID-19 and reduce the infections.

The robot use a strong UV light beam that break the virus and bacteria molecular bonds and it is used to sterilise surgical equipment.

example of uv-sterilization-room using robot
example of sterilisation robot in action


The UV Robot is used as part of the regular cleaning cycle, and aims at preventing and reducing the spread of infectious diseases by breaking down their DNA-structure. Also the robot proven to be useful to to eliminates human error during cleaning process.

  • 99.99% of bacteria killed
  • 10 minute disinfection time
uvd-disinfectant -robot in-room
uvd-disinfectant -robot in-room

UV Light — Caution

Germicidal lamps using broad-spectrum UV light are not safe for humans to be around and need to be used in an empty room, in absence of people. They can cause skin cancer and cataracts in the eyes with prolonged exposure.


Source : Robot Website, UV-Disinfectant-Article from IE


Robots  Tips :

Do you know that adding an ultraviolet led to a cleaning robot can actually add a bit of sterilisation capability?

anki vector + uv light


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