Vector is still “alive” after Anki closing

The latest home robots are adorable, mostly useless but extremely cute : Anki Vector is a successful example of “alive” companion .

The cute black robot that raised 2 million dollars of crowdfunding in KickStarter  thanks to it’s extremely sparking green eyes ( and a skilled animation work behind),  but ultimately it could not survive without substantial funds for it’s advancement:  Anki is closing 

However the Anki company didn’t let it’s creature to simple die, instead they update it’s repository with the SDK  and left this message in their website reassuring their consumers that a team will provide long term support to Anki Vector and Anki Cozmo 🙂 !

Message from Anki :

It is with a heavy heart to inform you that Anki has ceased product development and we are no longer manufacturing robots. To our partners and customers, thank you for all your support and joining us on this journey to bring robotics and AI out of research labs and into your homes.

We are taking steps to assure that customers will continue to enjoy continued use of our products. In order to provide long term support of our products, Anki has contracted our most senior leaders and hands-on engineers across all the technical areas involved in maintaining the operation and functionality in the existing products and apps. Ongoing operations for existing products typically require little to no active intervention, but we have arranged for any support in the event it does become necessary. Vector is the only product with a notable cloud component, and the contracted team is heavily staffed in that area.

Currently, we have implemented a self-serve Help Center to assist in getting the most out of your product, regretfully there are no agents available, however we are monitoring cloud operations for Anki accounts and Vector.

We plan to solidify and communicate all the details of this plan soon.

Video : Anki Vector still answering and working 100% after the company shutdown !

Status Updated 08/08/2019 : 

Server are up and all functionalities are working, Vector and Cozmo  mobile app  allows new users to register .


Check more on What will happen to Anki Vector Servers?

If you  are a Vector owner and know more about the status functionality please leave a comment below in the article!

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