Vector Robot receive Monster Trucks Wheels

In this peculiar “mod” by Just Baselmans for Anki / DDL Vector robot  you will transform your robot buddy to become a Monster Truck robot

wroom wrooom! vector monster truck mod by Just Baselmans
wroom wrooom! vector monster truck mod by Just Baselmans

WARNING > Read this first

The mod require to 3D prints some parts, using PLA filament and some assembly, please note that this modification require certain skills and may remove your warranty,  so be careful!

Gear Ratio change 

Vector will be way faster than before, because it will be using bigger wheels !  Please note that with this mod it may worn down his motors faster , also  some features like “return to charger” cannot be activated and lastly..  the robot wont fit in the charger.

Just replace back to the original wheels/track to restore Vector ‘s functionalities! good job 🙂 !

Download the files

GEAR Attachment > Files are available on Thingiverse

LEGO WHEEL >Files are available on Thingiverse 


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