Vector Update : All Clouds Enhancements & Updates

Vector Owners rejoy, something new! DigitalDreamLabs is releasing a series of updates regarding their robot Vector, the “cloud updates” are applied only the Cloud server and don’t require to update the robot units.

Digital Dream Lab’s completed their KickStarter campaign with over 545.331$ collected, offering enhancements, premium memberships to keep the robot live and alive . Now the company is starting to repay their users with a series of new features!

vectorhei vector- i have a question home-aware-desktop
vectorhei vector- i have a question


Vector Firmware update 1.7 – Beta release (31/05/2020)

digital dream labs-vector-update

The software update is applied automatically to Vector during night, depending on your subscription level.

The first firmware update by Digital Dream Lab is going to fix some issue with sounds, commands and animation. This beta release will appear only for 250 lucky “lifetime membership” users .

  • Sound overhaul: Vector has different sounds which make him seem more cute and lifelike.
  • More dizzy animations: Dizzy animations are randomized if you shake him.
  • Overall bug fixes/polish (  also reduce rate of 898 error)
  • Behavior continuation: After encountering a cliff or a distraction, such as a sound, in some (or many) cases Vector will continue following a command given before distraction was encountered.
  • Wake word recognition improvements: Responds to “Vector” better. In many cases the phrase “Hey Vector” is not necessary, just say “Vector”. Wake word recognition is improved from a rate in the mid-teens to a rate somewhere north of 80%. International accents are more easily recognized.
  • future support for facial recognition of pets and other Vectors and/or Cozmos that will be completed in future releases 1.8 and/or 1.9.

Other news:

Escape Pod :

Escape Pod will be ready for a similar beta release by July 15th.  This week we have Vector working with just a web application, versus the app, as well as running off a Raspberry Pi.  We are going add a lot of polish to this application and make it as user friendly as possible for version 1.0.


The upgrade will be ready for beta deployment by August 15th.  We have successfully been able to make any Vector a ‘dev bot’ with a push of a button.  What remains is tying together the backend for reliable deployment and the placement of various security safeguards.  For those of you who have signed up for the boot camps, we’ll have a better idea of dates in the next update.


Cloud Enhancements:

Olympics Data Information – 7th Enhancement ( Update 05/06/2020)


Vector now knows about past and upcoming Olympics Sport Data, together with the Sport Update ( 6th enhancement) push our robot to become a sport encyclopedia

Here are a few examples to try:

  • “Hey Vector, question. What was Canada’s ranking in the last Olympics?”
  • “Hey Vector, I have a question. Where and when are the next Olympics?”
  • “Hey Vector, question. Which country won the most gold medals in the 2014 Olympics?”


Sport Information – 6th Enhancement ( update 29/05/2020)

anki vector soccer
anki vector playing soccer

Vector now knows about sport results and next football match

Try the following:

  • “Hey Vector, I have a question. Who won the FIFA world cup of 2006?”
  • “Hey Vector, I have a question. When is the next New York Jets game?”
  • “Hey Vector, I have a question. What was the score of the 2005 Super Bowl?”
  • “Hey Vector, question. Who won the World Series in 1998?”


Geometry Teacher – 5th Enhancement ( update 22/05/2020)

geometry with Vector and vectors

You robot can help your kids in math and calculate geometry formula

Try the following:

  • “Hey Vector, I have a question. What is the area of square tha is 20 cm side?”
  • “Hey Vector, I have a question. What is the area of a circle that has a diameter of 10 cm?”
  • “Hey Vector, I have a question. How to calculate the area of a triangle?”

Small Talk – 4th Enhancement  ( update 15/05/2020)


The update adds various conversational options to Vector, including reacting to questions about emotions, pop culture, and more. To reach the enhancements you will require an initial activation commands (Hey Vector > I have a question ) as before.

Try the following:

  • “Hey Vector, I have a question. How is your day?”
  • “Hey Vector, I have a question. What makes you happy?”
  • “Hey Vector, I have a question. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?”
  • “Hey Vector, I have a question. What is the answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything?”

Music Teacher- 3nd Enhancement ( update 08/05/2020)


Vector now can help you with your music practice

Try the following:
“Hey Vector, I have a question. How do you play a D major chord on piano?”

More anwers – 2nd Enhancement ( update 01/05/2020)

Try the following:
“Hey Vector, I have a question. ” and one of the following :

“whats going on”  “I love you” “What are you thinking about” “Are you my friend” “What do you like” “Whats your favorite food/color/movie”  “Whats your hobby” “Are you hungry” “What are you wearing”  “Youre cute” “Will you marry me”  “What is your gender” “Why did the chicken cross the road” “Im sorry” “Whats your favorite song” “Sing a song” “Are you single” “Are you dating anyone”  and Periodic Table element knowledge.

Drink List – 1st Enhancement

robot-asimo-puring a drink

A bit controversial for a toy robot , but I’m sure appreciated by a lot of users:  Vector now can list all the ingredients of your favourite Drinks. “Drink List enhancement” was the first update to be presented to the users during the KickStarter.

Try the following:
“Hey Vector, I have a question. How to prepare a Mojito?”



Buy your Vector right now!


The updates to the Cloud Server are called “Feature Friday” and as the name suggest, they should be occuring each Friday of the week ( for next 18 weeks) . Unfortunately some of  the robot’s answers to the questions ( aside from “tell me a joke”)  are  always the same , but I’m excited to see next enhancements.


Community Enhancement :

In the meantime new features are coming from the Community using the Vector SDK:

 Hei Vector .. MayTheForceBeWithYou by the user ashbotandsparki

Vector Text Reader by Aktune

Vector CTRL 8.1 APP has had a new update in this update Vector can read. The App created by Ilker Aktune has already cool features but this new feature is another step in showing what can be done with our favorite home robot.



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  1. The answers are not always the same ,i got 2-3 different answers to “what are you wearing”, an “i think your sexy”..check again you may have just caught him in a loop

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