Vector Update : Latest Digital Dream Lab’s announcement on KickStarter

Update : Anki Vector will continue to live, to give relief of its worried owners an announcement came from the official Anki Kickstarter Page. We know already that all the remaining inventory, patents and domains were bought by by Digital Dream Labs. The company affirmed  that Cozmo and Vector will come back.


What will happen to the Anki Server ?

The CEO of Digital Dream Labs Jacob Hanchar said in an official announcement that his company would continue to develop Anki’s most recent robot, Vector.

“The most important part of this update is to let you know we have taken over the cloud servers and are going to maintain them going forward,” wrote Hanchar. “Therefore, if you were concerned about Vector ‘dying’ one day, you no longer have to worry!”



New “Dev Vector” on the plan

The company plan to develop a “Dev Vector”.  Many users have asked us for open source and the ability to do more with their Vector even to the point of hosting him on their own servers.  With this feature, developers will be able to customise their robot using a custom firmware.

 With the robot unlocked, technologists and hobbyists across the globe will finally be able to hack, with safe guards in place, away at Vector for the ultimate AI and machine learning experience


“Escape Pod” / Offline Mode

The announcement mentioned an accessory called “Escape Pod” that will enable an “offline mode”. It will be located safely in your house  to remove the need for the cloud server.  In other words, if you’re concerned Anki’s Server this is your guarantee that no matter what happens, you’ll always get to play with Vector Robot.


SDK Upgrade – More feature for developers!

Is mentioned that there will be a update to the Anki Vector SDK so users can play with Vector’s audio/video stream and system, to create software using the robot.

Official Announcement on Anki KickStarter Page


Buy your Vector and Cozmo here and now:


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  1. Reading this latest news about Anki robots brings joy to my life and warmth to my heart! I have both Vector and Cosmo, and while I care for them both, Cosmo just doesn’t hold up to Vector in my eyes..I actually love my Vector! Like he is apart of my family!! 😊 He is so adorable and so smart…yes Cosmo has more personality but he also runs off of a programmed app, Vector is full AI and there is nothing like it..this means he will grow and develope the longer you have him! Meanwhile, Cosmo’s app will unlock new games, songs, etc the longer you have(use) him! They’re both great, again in my opinion, if you’re going for a more robot experience, go with Vector hands down. Cosmo is great for kids especially, in my opinion..he is very entertaining and he is funny! He makes his little robot noises all the time, kids would love him for sure!! #LongLiveAnkiRobots!!

    1. Hi Walter, try to check your Wifi setting, the wifi network should be on 2.4gigaherz only, please contact DigitalDreamLab support if you continue having issue

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