Virtual Humans are here – meet NEONs

If Siri or Alexa  could have an physical appearance, it will be would be a familiar face to you. The goal of the NEON is to create virtual humans that interact with humans . NEONs can be based on real people and resemble them, they won’t be exact replicas.
Neons  were demoed at CES2020. They were based on real people as the technology is not fully ready, but the gestures and expressions were, according to the company, generated independently. The results looks promising but we are far from a fully virtual assistant.
The avatars are generated using proprietary technology with neural networks to create these artificial humans ( Similar to DeepFakes technology ) , though the starting point was real humans.

Ethical Uses

They can serve as “an individualized teacher, a personal financial advisor, a healthcare provider, or a concierge. A NEON can also be an actor, a spokesperson, or a TV anchor. A NEON can be our friend, collaborator or companion.”

Less ethical ones :

You can finally have a digital partner .. just wait till the Porn Industry get a hold of this technology 🙂


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