Vorpal Robot is a open source hexapod toy

Vorpal is a low cost, open source hexapod robot that looks like a toy but it’s much more! It’s components can be 3D printed and easily modified. Kids and adults alike are instantly attracted to Vorpal and they can play games with it like boxing, racing, or capture the flag !



  • 12 degrees of freedom using all-metal gear mini servos.
  • Bluetooth wireless control using the custom Vorpal Button Gamepad
  • Arduino open source gamepad
  • The gamepad has many programmed functions for walking, dancing, and fighting style competitions.
  • Record and replay actions
  • MIT Scratch Programming
  • program your AI!


Vorpal robot is available either as a kit or fully assembled or download the 3D design files on Thingiverse and build your own from our shop list!  If you don’t like spiders  insect ( ever robotic ones ) but nice kitty check OpenCat Review here !



•About Me: Hi, my name is Marco, I'm a tech enthusiasts and Software Developer . Robots have been my passion since I was a child! •PersonalRobots Mission : We will guide you in choosing the perfect domestic robot, check our robot reviews! Learn with us how to build your robot and check our opensource robotic project :)

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