What’s Inside Anki Vector Robot

What’s inside Anki Vector? What hardware did it use? Is Vector better than Cozmo? Let’s Check it out!


Vector vs Cozmo Comparison

  • Distance sensor in front
  • Multiple edge sensors to prevent falls
  • Capacitive touch
  • Better camera
  • Microphone array
  • on-board AI
  • Cloud connection

Vector’s Brain

Inside the Anki Vector is a Qualcomm 200. This brain is well over an order of magnitude better than the processor that was inside Cozmo.

This processor is called the Qualcomm Snapdragon, it has 4 cores, and clocks in at 1.2GHz. Compare this to Cozmo’s single core 100MHz brain, the Arm Cortex 4.

All the processing can be handled inside Vector, and not from the phone that you needed for Cozmo.

Vector’s Sensors


Anki Vector will sport a Capacitive Touch Sensor. This will allow Vector to know if he is being touched by a hand for example. Even if you are pressing gently, it will probably register the touch. It essentially feels the electrical variance your hand causes. Nice  🙂 !

Vector’s Ears


This allows Vector to hear voices and other noises, and also know what direction they came from.

Vector’s Camera


Vector can handle real time computer vision with the higher resolution of this HD Camera. With the release of the  Anki Vector SDK in Python the computer vision algorithms we can recognize faces and objects like with tools like OpenCV .

Vectors’s Display


The most important part of Vector is the Display : a full IPS color display with 184 X 96 resolution.

The screen looks small but you can do plenty : play Doom, Blackjack or use as Camera Screen using the Vector SDK !


Download Anki Vector examples and SDK :

Official Anki SDK Examples


Buy Vector or Cozmo now 🙂

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