Yandex Delivery Robot is out in Moscow

Yandex.Rover is the new self-driving robot that delivery package directly to your door.  The famous Russian multi-corporation company is pursuing the self-driving couriers dream like Amazon

The robot is in charge to carrying documents to different Yandex offices throughout the Moscow City. The robot can plan its route, detect and bypass obstacles and give pedestrians and pets the right of way.

Yandex.Rover, is around the size of a suitcase, it doesn’t require cameras because it use a  LiDAR  “laser radar” to navigate and can resist to rain and cold temperature.

While the robot travels autonomously, it’ll remain under remote supervision during testing. The company hopes to use Yandex delivery robot for food and grocery and as well as for its online packages delivery.

Source : Yandex Self Driving Car Website

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