ZeroBot 3D printable rover robot

The ZeroBot is a small 3d printable rover robot based on a Raspberry Pi that it’s easy to build and looks  nice compared to the more common barebone “arduino car” kits.

The parts include Raspberry Pi Zero W for the brains, a driver and two motors for movement, a lipo battery for power, and a pi camera to see. The chassis is made completely of parts that are easily 3D-printable. The Zero W creates a WiFi access point that users can connect to on a computer or smart phone, and subsequently provides FPV control.

The 3d printed files are already on Thingiverse and the code on Github

The “mini” version of ZeroBot use an ESP32  instead of the Raspberry Pi Zero W, the camera can provide only 160×120 pixel resolution so the video isn’t amazing, but the fact that it can be streamed from the ESP32 at a decent enough framerate to drive the bot using a simple web interface is impressive.

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If you like wheeled robots that can carry you home check Segway Loomo or for more DIY robots check Zowi or OTTO Zero


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  1. Do you know who has or link to zero Otto bot wiring diagram? I am running out of people to ask.
    thank you

  2. Hello Marco
    My son would like to learn to build a basic robot for his science fair project. We have a 3D printer and all the basic tools. About how long does this complete print / build take? Do you have any advice for the build?

    1. Hi Luis, it depends in the type of robot. OttoDIY robots and wheel robot are the easiest to make. assembly and printing an otto robot may require a couple of days

  3. Hi Marco, I am working with kids in the local youth club and we had a robot car workshop using Arduino Uo and a Bluetooth module to control the car. To have a more simple access I have build a car with ZeroBot and Raspberry Zero and it is working fine except the fact that it needs a router. Could you please help me to understand how to convert it to an Access Point, because I am a beginner in Raspi ?
    best regards

      1. Thank you very much for your answer. Have seen this link before but hoped you have a zerobot specific idea.
        OK, have followed the instruction and managed to get an Access Point. I could connect it with my iPhone, but the zerobot surface is not visible. Have started the app.js with command: “sudo node app.js” in directory touchUI. A long message was coming and telling that i2C.node was compiled against a different Node.js version using NODE_MODULE_VERSION 46, but require VERSION 57. Now I am stuck. Do you have any idea how to proceed?
        Thank you

  4. Hi Marco,
    it is unbelivable for me but I could fix it and now Zerobot is running with a standalone network.
    I have use the command: “sudo npm rebuild” in directory touchUI.
    best regards & Thank you

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