Zoomer Chimp – Choose an amazing companion for kids and adults !

Zoomer Chimp the funny monkey is an amazing product, this robot pet that can actually entertain kids and adults with an incredible number of tricks and games! Zoomer Chimp looks like a real monkey with an animated face made of rubber skin that it’s sturdy and perfect for kid games!

This lifelike primate knows over 100 tricks and voice commands!

He balances and moves like a real chimp — upright or on all fours. This toy robot has real facial expressions complete with light-up eyes so you know how he feels. Ask him how he’s feeling and he’ll show you!

He even knows some awesome dance moves, and has a pretty cheeky personality. Zoomer Chimp is untamed fun!

Ever wanted your own, walking, talking, dancing, flipping, burping and farting pet chimp? Well now you can have one!

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