Zoomer Dog Robot

For the robot toy section how we could not mention this Dog Robot by Zoomer?

Ever if far from a “moden” robot dog, Sony Aibo  for example , it’s a truly remarkable toy for for kids with interesting functionalities:

Remote controlled, voice command, interactive face and an interesting number of joins that produce a well defined movements similar to a real dog


Zoomer is on the higher end in terms of price than normal toy: It competes directly with Wowwee’s CHiP robot dog 

In terms of design, Zoomer has the warm cuteness of a puppy (cuter than CHiP ).

He can run, talk and even learn new tricks. It has a sturdy build, you won’t have to worry about buying another one anytime soon.

Additioanl Features:

  • It can be trained : learn new tricks and words.
  • It’s interactive, once activated it start moving and act  “living” like a real animal .
  • It has multilingual vocal command : you can use french, spanish and english commands.

Check more Zoomer Pet Dog here on Amazon

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