What is Rabbit R1 and why everyone is so excited!

Rabbit R1 is a small, portable device , similar to a tamagotchi that uses artificial intelligence to help you with tasks . Similar to Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri this device is a personal assistant.

What is so special about this AI ?

Instead of tapping on your phone’s screen, you can ask Rabbit R1 to do things for you using voice commands pressing the white button on the side.

The device uses a special system, called the Large Action Model, to understand how people use apps and then it can do those actions for you. This AI can actually understanding the question and come up with unexpected solution , an AI assistant won’t behave like normal assistant ( alexa , siri , etc )  : It’s like having a personal assistant that can use your phone for you, and understanding what you requesting , or see directly what is happening via the camera of the device.


Design & Functionalities

Rabbit R1 has a screen, a wheel for scrolling, a camera that can turn all the way around, a microphone, a button for talking, a speaker, a USB Type C port, and a slot for a SIM card. It can do simple things like turning on a light, and more complicated things like booking a trip.

For example, you could say “Rabbit, book an Uber for me,” and the Rabbit R1 would do it for you.

The Rabbit R1 was first shown to the public at a big technology event in 2024 and it costs $199. You can buy it in the USA and some countries in Europe, including Italy. It’s been very popular and sold out quickly when it was first released.


What this mean for Robots?

We are closer and closer to have finally true assistants with real AI, capable to understand and help us on our daily tasks or just make us good company. This technology,  polished and refined, will finally appear to consumers small robots somedays.. Imagine having a small cute robot like Eilik or Vector capable of understanding you ..!

Rabbit R1: The cute little pocket-size viral AI device that can do  everything for you - India Today

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