Lobot – Micro:bit self balancing robot

The Micro:bit board is getting popular beetween makers because you can build advanced robots like Lobot Micro:bit self balancing robot with only few hassle and a lot of fun ! Playing with Lobot Micro is fun :ย  you can play football, control it using the app, add sensors, recognize obstables, carry objects and much more.

micro-bit board computer

Lobot – Micro:bit is the perfect example of a reusable robotic kit that can be expanded with your creativity, you will be surprised how powerful is your imagination! This robot is very similar to the famous MiBro Robot but you can program it and upgrade!

– DIY design, freely to assemble it and help to develop logic thinking and operating ability.
– Programmable, player are encouraged to program it youself.
– APP Control, including stick mode and gravity control mode.
– Various playing method, bring more fun to you and your children.
– USB charging method, easy to charge.

The kit include everything you need :

  • ultrasonic sensor,infrared sensors, colors sensors
  • expansion board
  • micro:bit board
  • wheels and motors
  • batteries

No soldering skills are required, just assembly and upload your code and you’re ready to play!

Buy the kit here (Sponsored Link)ย  ๐Ÿ™‚



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