Lobot 4 in 1 robot kit with Micro:bit

Lobot 4 in 1 Micro:bit is the perfect example of a reusable robot kit that use your creativity: Similar to the Xiaomi MITU KIT you can rebuilt and swap components and sensor in different configuration, also can be programmed using the Micro:bit board.

– DIY design, freely to assemble it and help to develop logic thinking and operating ability.
– Programmable
– APP Control, including stick mode and gravity control mode.
– Various playing method, bring more fun to you and your children.
– USB charging method, easy to charge.

microbit robot lobotmicro-bit robotmicro-bit robot
microbit robot lobotmicro-bit robotmicrobit robot lobot
robot microbitmicrobit robotmicrobit robot lobot
  •  Robot Kit
  •  Micro:bit Board
  •  Develop Board
  •  Ultrasonic Sensor
  •  Grayscale Sensor
  •  18650 Battery
  • 2* Motor
  •  USB Wire
  • 2* 4PIN Sensor Wire
  •  Screw Sets
  •  Servo
  • 2* Crawlers
  •  M3 Wrench

You can buy Lobot 4 in 1 Robot Kit Micro:bit  here using our sponsored link 🙂 !

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