Cogsy a biped robot with only one motor!

Cogsy is a biped robot by   This experimental biped robot is capable to move itself with only one motor and 3d printed parts, and build with less than 15$!

The challenge

Cogsy was build with the focus into keep the cost at minimum and be able to enter in the  Toulouse Robot Race event.

So I was wondering what the most inexpensive design of a biped robot could be.

I knew that in order to keep the design cost down to a minimum the robot would have to use as fewer servos as possible and that got me thinking is it possible to power a bipedal robot with the use of only one servo or motor? … there must be a way of using just one servo for omnidirectional motion so after days of failed concept designs and prototypes I finally came up with a functional prototype that actually worked! – the creator

Balance/Motion combination

Cogsy only uses one servo to move but also use many cogs that interconnect to make up 4 degrees of freedom.  The servomotor that powers the robot is a continuous rotation servo that can only rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. In one direction the motor rotate the cogs’s ankles of each leg enabling the robot to shift his weight from one foot to the other , in the other direction instead rotate each legs, making the robot spin its body. The combination of the two can achieve the movement.

Good luck to Sebastian for the race and check the full instructions how to build your version here on Instructables!


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