Vector “Two” is going to be announced?

The DigitalDreamLabs website today sneak peekes the announcement of a Vector version “Two” in the page “Meet Vector” !

Vector Two is a normal classic unit ( still using Quadcomm 200) , but with enhanced features :

  • Bigger battery , an increase of battery of 25% to increase the playtime from 15min to 25 min circa
  • Replament of batteries now easier with a JT connector
  • Enhanced camera (more megapixels)
  • Free trial of “membership subscription” for the new units.

The upgrade announcement is a good news and concequence of the resuming of the production, hopefully bringing the price down of the robot (currently due to shortage of units are overpriced at 380$) . Useful the “trial subscription” as the new unit will usable at least for a short time.

robot snow xmas

Unfortunately old problems seem to persist : Vector I and Vector II will not able to connect to 5Ghz networks , as the brain chip is still the same , the main issue is still the requirement of the “Membership subscription” to use the cloud services, instead of just using the processor power of the robot to perform voice recognition . But let’s wait for the official news next week!


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