6 Robotics companies to follow in 2019

The strong interest for robotics and the advancements of technologies are making the robotics field blooming and appealing for investors, here is a list 10 major robotics companies to follow in 2019 for robot enthusiast!

Our 2015 Kickstarter project, PLEN2, with our latest invention: PLEN Cube!

PLEN Robotics 

The Japanese company is very active in the robotic field with their biped robot Plen2 . Their new robots Plen Cube  is a “box shaped” robot that fits in the palm of your hand. Although small, this robot has many features including a 360 degree head rotation, face-tracking to shoot and share photos and videos, voice recognition, and remote control functions for the IoT of home appliances.




The company hope “to begin seeding the robots in employees’ homes by the end of [2018], and potentially with consumers as early as 2019.” Amazon is also rolling out its AWS RoboMaker cloud robotics platform that helps developers build robots, add intelligent functions, simulate and test robots in a variety of environments.


Boston Dynamics

With its viral videos, Boston Dynamics will always be a robotics company to keep an eye on. During his keynote at the Robotics Summit & Expo, Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert announced plans to commercialize SpotMini in 2019. This is the first robot Boston Dynamics will commercialize in its 27-year history.



Introduced late in 2018 its Jetson AGX Xavier Module, a new chip the company hopes will become the go-to brain for next-generation robots. And the specs are pretty impressive:  10 times more energy-efficient and 20 times more powerful than its predecessor,



Building capable humanoid robots is extremely difficult. UBTech said its Walker robot “has the intelligence and capabilities to make a helpful impact in any home or business in the very near future.”



As we saw with the Ninebot GoKat and other various Segway products  the approach of this company is to adapt and evolve their own product. During CES2019 they published Loomo a smart machine that toggles between a mini personal transporter and mobile robot sidekick.


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