Loomo Robot will carry you home

The newerest Segway product presented CES 2019  is Loomo, a Robot-Vehicle hibrid capable of recognize you, to perform commands and carry you home exactly. Loomo follows you around like Kuri or more like a smaller version of KITT without rockets!

Functionality (Robot Mode) :

  • Voice commands
  • Auto follow
  • Playful personality
  • Video recording
  • Touch controls,
  • Segway Lomo Mobile App
  • Radar for obstable avoidance
  • Programmable with codeblock or Android SDK
  • Expansion Board Slot

Functionality ( Transport Mode):

  • Self-Balancing
  • Autonomy : 22 miles
  • Speed : 8 km/h in Robot mode or 18km/h in Vehicle mode
  • Connection : Bluetooth with Segway Mobile App
  • Auto transform Robot/Vehicle Mode

Check Loomo on the official website





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