Tomy Omnibot series inspire robot generation of today

The Omnibot 2000 is the first example of domestic robot from 1985. Tomy Omnibot series inspire domestic robot of today like Kuri  and Vector by form factor and common functionalities!

Ominibot 2000 reactions

The Ominirobot 2000 robot allows movement and remote speaking thought a remote controller and it featured a programming mode using a tape player, you could record and repeat actions at a given time.

Consumers reaction was positive and sparked a popular interest in robotics, the Japanese toy company TOMY produced 45 unique models with features like speech recognitions, obstacle detections, programming and with unique motions.

You can check the full list of  Tomy Omnibot robots here  :


Or Check latest Tomy’s  MIP Robot two wheel balanced robot

MiP-robot by Takara Tomy

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