MaSiRo “Robot Maid” – the Japan’s new house personal companion

MaSiRo Maid Robot — what if you could have a robot maid in real life? This is the question and current passion fueling the creative efforts of Japanese robot creator A_say.  Those robot are inspired straight from anime character with aim to bring a positive impact in many heart!

I want to make a maid robot in the future! Aiming for that, we are developing “Hand-tied Bishoujo Robot Mashiro”.


  • Follow me  —  If you hold your right hand, it will follow you smoothly.
  • Face recognition is performed by Katyusha’s camera, and the neck and LCD eyes are moved to look at it.
  • The right hand has a built-in heater and is warm and grips tightly.
  • If you put your hand on your shoulder, it will crouch with natural movement.

The creator has a goal of creating a “maid robo cafe” with 3 MaSiRo Maid Robot called “Mashiro“, “Chiro” and “Chiya“.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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