Elon’s Musk reveal “Optimus” the new TESLA Robot

Elon Musk revealed the first showcase of his new Tesla ‘s humanoid robotOptimus “. He expects the production model to cost less than $20,000 and be able to use the same “AI laerning” / auto-pilot technology available in Tesla Cars .

AI is slowly becoming part of our life

Optimus from Tesla is just another example of advancement of robot techonology thanks to the learning capability of the AI . Think of AI like a “cybernatic brain” a huge set of silicon neurons that arrange itself automatically to perform any type of task,  from simple task like recognize a face to complex tasks like moving a car in traffics.

Elon mentioned many time the use of AI in our life can be beneficial or dangerous , here is a funny quote :

Elon: A.I. is more dangerous than nuclear annihilation…far more dangerous

Also Elon: heres an A.I. robot

Want to see more humanoid robot? here is Boston Dynamic Atlas gym routine!


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